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WATERCRAFT Hull Components

Brand: K&S Model: 56-201
3/8" 90 Degree Water Bypass Fitting Black 56-2012, 90 degree angled outlet, 3/8" hose fitting..
Brand: ADA RACING Model: 30-4501
Billet aluminum bilge outlet fitting for use with a 3/4 inch hose...
Brand: ADA RACING Model: 31-459
Billet aluminum bow eye bushing for Kawasaki Jet Skis. Bushing has a 1" diameter and a 0.815" thru hole...
Brand: ADA RACING Model: 34-6601
Billet hood hooks for the Yamaha Super Jet designed by freestyle guru Jeremy Parr. Instead of the hood sliding forward into the hooks, these face forward so the the hood comes back into them holding the hood from coming backward...
Brand: ADA RACING Model: WB37590
3/8" Water Bypass Fitting by ADA Racing®. Billet aluminum PWC water bypass. For 3/8" id waterline and 1/2" hole thru the hull. Anodized for protection against corrosion. If you’re looking for a quality product that will serve you for years to come, look no further...
Brand: ATLANTIS Model: A2691
Easy-to-useJust push into aftermarket water bypassNo tools, clamps or extra hoses necessaryBack flushes entire cooling system instead of forcing salt and sand into cooling jackets..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 06-01-104
Product DescriptionThe Blowsion Bilge Pump Mount is designed to mount the Rule Bilge Pump (Sold Separately). The bracket mounts to the lower two bolts of the driveshaft bearing carrier. Includes rivets to mount bilge pump strainer to bracket. Anodized Black. Fits all Kawasaki SXR 1500 Mode..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 06-01-152
Product DescriptionSingle bilge pump mounting bracket for all 1994 and newer Yamaha Super Jet Models. The bracket locates the bilge pump within millimeters from the base of the Super Jet hull. Easy built in installation, no messy adhesives. All hardware included.NOTE: 1990-1993 Yamaha Superjets with..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 02-02-432
Replaces that easily broken OEM Yamaha intake duct with one that is nearly unbreakableUpdated and redesigned with an incredibly easy fitFor 144 mm pumps only..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 04-03-258
Blowsion Billet Exhaust Nozzle for all 1996 and Newer Yamaha Superjet Models. Updated carefully for 2008 to fit the new narrower Super Jet bottom hull as well as 1996-2019 models. This is one ultra off the hook nozzle. Function and fit are Blowsion perfect. Vanity rules on these beauties. Available ..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 04-03-152
Product DescriptionBlowsion Low Pro Billet aluminum fuel caps for all Yamaha watercraft. Low profile smooth design allows for outside fueling, yet will not get in the way during aerial or freestyle moves around the front of the watercraft. Engraved grooves allow for easy handling. Available in black..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 04-03-310
Eliminates breaking of expensive bilge switches and primer bulbsMount enables the switch/primer to sit flush, eliminating the risk of being knocked offIncludes a brushed aluminum black anodized bezel and all necessary mounting hardwareDash mount measures approximately 3.6" L x 1.5" W x 1.1" DBezel O..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 06-01-066
Vacate Valves operate on the same principle as the Blowsion One Way valves, using the forward motion of the watercraft and gravity to allow ingested water to simply vacate the hull in one direction onlyDirect threaded replacements for the flimsy OEM plastic drain plugs, the Vacate Valve also simplif..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 04-04-301
Secure your stand-up's hood to avoid accidental dislodging during freestyle and freeride maneuvers. All stainless mounting hardware and instructions included. Adjustable to fit all models of stand-up PWC...
Brand: K&S Model: A2025
Simple way to keep your bilge empty as you driveUniversal kit fits Yamaha FX and VX models and comes complete with all hardware to convert new Sea-Doo and Polaris modelsKawasaki and Yamaha systems are even easier – just unscrew existing drain plug and screw the duckbill drain plug into place..
Brand: ATLANTIS Model: A2500
FLUSH KITSAllow easy flushing of cooling system to keep it at peak efficiencyClean system of debris and contaminants including saltwater, sand and sedimentKits designed for specific applicationsQuick-snap release feature available for most modelsReplacement adapter hoses with quick-snap ends availab..
Brand: K&S Model: FZSF3102
FROGZSKIN YAMAHA SUPER JET 701 (5 PIECES)Frogzskin's Universal Kits can be used in multiple locations, in combination with multiple sizes, or model specific kits to maximize cooling airflow.FITS YAMAHA SUPERJET 701 1996-2020..
Brand: HYDRO-TURF Model: TS43
Get added control by adding 1″ thick Side Lifter Wedges. Available in Black only. Comes with 3M self-adhesive backing for a strong bond to paint or fiberglass..
Brand: HYDRO-TURF Model: AZ-SEW74-A
This is a HT Premier seat cover in our Standard Colorway A (Black Suede, Black Carbon Fiber, White Stitch design). If you want to choose the color and material for each panel on the seat..
Brand: HYDRO-TURF Model: HT681
Upgrade your PWC with new traction mats from Hydro-Turf. Available in many colors and grooves..
This is a HT Premier seat cover in our ALL BLACK Standard Colorway A (Black Suede, Black Carbon Fiber and White Stitching)...
This is a HT Premier seat cover in one of our Standard Colorways (As Shown)...
This is a HT Premier seat cover in one of our Standard Colorways..
Brand: HYDRO-TURF Model: HT811
Upgrade your PWC with new traction mats from Hydro-Turf. Available in many colors and grooves.Mats include 3M Self-Adhesive for a much faster and cleaner installation...
Brand: HYDRO-TURF Model: HT813
Upgrade your PWC with new traction mats from Hydro-Turf. Available in many colors and grooves.Mats include 3M Self-Adhesive for a much faster and cleaner installation...
Brand: HYDRO-TURF Model: HT791
Upgrade your PWC with new traction mats from Hydro-Turf. Available in many colors and grooves..
MX100 Short coneReference: MX-SH-CONECondition: New productTurbine cone Mx100..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 02-02-405
Product DescriptionDesigned with the freestyler in mind, the freestyle pump cone allows the engine to rev faster for the big tricks. Its small size lets a large volume of water move through the pump with less restriction than with the stock tailcone. This gives you more low end thrust for bigger air..
Brand: K&S Model: 660-80001
The R&D Bilge Pump Bracket is designed to mount the Rule bilge pump. The bracket is constructed from stainless steel and mounts to the lower two bolts of the driveshaft bearing carrier..
Model: 4809-0186
Come complete with individually molded cavity plugs designed to fill large cavity air pockets in the OEM pump shoeOnce installed and sealed, pump cavity will be 100% free of air pockets or leaks which reduces cavitation while increasing pump efficiency and performance..
RRP X-Lite Billet Adjustable Battery Box. Includes Foam Pad. Available in Black..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 04-03-069
Product DescriptionNewly Designed. Easily allows tow watercraft to clip and go. Surf riders and racers are insane to ride without one of these. The ONLY way to effectively guarantee avoiding the next big wave set or the next racer on the course. Note: We Highly recommend installing in conj..
Brand: UNLIMITED Model: UL015
● It is housed in a machined aluminum case. It can be installed in a place that can be reached from the handle grip. By using the throttle lever of P77 together, it is possible to operate ON / OFF while operating the throttle.● Cord length: 3m...
Brand: WORX RACING COMPONENTS Model: 4809-0243
WORX Replacement 144mm Aluminum Pump Shoe for All Yamaha Superjets and Most aftermarket Hulls. Replaces the stock plastic pump shoe that easily distorts and breaks..
Brand: WORX RACING COMPONENTS Model: 4806-0016
RACE SPONSONSPutting Worx race sponsons on a PWC is like putting extra-wide tires on a car; the machine sticks in corners and predictably tracks straight linesCarve corners; stay in control in rough waterEasy to fit; bolt directly into stock mounting holesYearMakeModel2003 - 2010KawasakiJS 800 A..
Brand: WSM Model: 011-105
Replacements for broken or worn-out OEM motor mounts..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 0521-1047
2020 WatercraftREPLACEMENT HOOD SEAL GASKETHeavy-duty replacement hood sealIncludes 3M™ self adhesive backing for easy installationFits all years Yamaha Super Jet, Yamaha FX-1, all years Polaris Octane, Yamaha Wave Blaster and most aftermarket hulls..
Brand: ADA RACING Model: 31-4501
Billet aluminum fuel cap socket for the Kawasaki Jet Skis. Works with the stock plastic or aftermarket billet gas caps. Includes attached chain. Replaces the plastic Kawasaki OE part# 59231-3716. Fits the 800SXR, 12F, 15F, 1200STX-R, 1100ZXi, and the 900STX. May also fit other Kawasaki models...
Brand: ADA RACING Model: 31-4520
Billet aluminum fuel pickup with brass hose fittings. Can be used on dual and triple carb setups with a supply line for each carb. This has up to 3 supply lines, 1 return, and 1 vent.Please note this does not include the fuel lines or the in-tank filters necessary. You will need to use fuel line for..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 02-01-250
Blowsion Composite Ride Plate - Kawasaki SXR "Midi" Mid Length. Fits all 2003-2011 Kawasaki SXR Models. Running Tubbies and want to run hull extensions or add less nose pressure? Trim and go. Light is right! Weight 2.5lbs US...
Brand: ADA RACING Model: 31-4510
Billet aluminum gas cap for Kawasaki Jet Skis. Fits the stock and our billet filler necks. Much lighter than other billet gas caps.  Includes viton sealing gasket and attached internal ring for safety chain.Also available with custom race number laser engraver at no extra charge!  Race num..
Brand: ADA RACING Model: 34-451090
Billet aluminum gas cap for Yamaha Watercraft such as the Super Jet and WaveBlaster. Fits the stock and our billet filler necks. Includes viton sealing gasket and attached internal ring for safety chain...
Model: 011-115
WSM WatercraftMOTOR MOUNTSReplacements for broken or worn-out OEM motor mountsFITS ON YAMAHA SUPERJET 701 MODEL 96+..
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