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Brand: Blowsion Model: 01-01-723
Product Description100mm-120mm Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Hose Clamp. Fits both SXR Wet Pipe, and all Yamaha B-Pipe Silicone Couplers. Sold Each...
Brand: Blowsion Model: 01-01-761
Product DescriptionFlow Control Valve - 3/8" Adjustable Pro Model. This 3/8" valve has been designed to prevent water flow to the waterbox at idle and off idle engine speeds. This allows the craft to be more responsive off the line and around turns. Results are HUGE gains in throttle response. All s..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 01-01-465
Product DescriptionTDR Silencer Baffled Waterbox. This baffle design water box is for the Yamaha Superjet rider who wants a power increase with a deep throaty sound. This water box design works well with mildly and highly modified Yamaha Engines...
Brand: Blowsion Model: 01-01-507
Ultra sano and absolutely necessary for the stand up freestyle and freeride SXR purist. All stainless and aluminum parts. Allows exhaust pressure during nose stands and aerial moves to exit out the side of the ski, instead of loading up the rear exhaust. Product Description Now Available in ..
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