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Model: FIN701SJ02
The Factory Pipe 701 Super Jet comes complete with the exclusive tune-able headpipe, aluminum chamber, tuned exhaust manifold and all required hardware. It is available in both a MOD (FIN701SJ02 - PN# 01-01-054) version. Fits all years of Super Jet with 701 motor. Will not fit 650 motor Super Jets. ..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 01-01-703
Blowsion manufactured Factory Pipe replacement coupler. This double compound thickness heavy duty silicone exhaust coupler fits "A" and "B" Headpipes including Kawasaki, Yamaha and Polaris Wet pipes. (DIMENSION 4"X 2 1/8") This is NOT the thin blue coupler model offered by other suppliers, but a spe..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 01-01-761
Product DescriptionFlow Control Valve - 3/8" Adjustable Pro Model. This 3/8" valve has been designed to prevent water flow to the waterbox at idle and off idle engine speeds. This allows the craft to be more responsive off the line and around turns. Results are HUGE gains in throttle response. All s..
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