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Adventure Bike KTM Powerparts

Brand: KTM Model: 63506915000
Air filterRecommended for extremely dusty conditions..
Brand: KTM Model: 6031296834433
Exceptionally robustPerfectly integrated into the motorcycleProvides optimum protectionPlastic-coated tubular steel bracketsExtremely resistant fastening system..
Brand: KTM Model: 60312968344EB
Exceptionally robustPerfectly integrated into the motorcycleProvides optimum protectionPlastic-coated tubular steel bracketsExtremely resistant fastening system..
Brand: KTM Model: 61012932000
Screwed directly to the brake caliper Safety bolt made of high-strength steel engages directly in the drill hole of the brake disc It is not possible to move the vehicle when it is locked No disassembly possible in locked state CNC milled from high-strength aluminum e..
Brand: KTM Model: 60712932000
Lockable with the vehicle key The ergonomic handle disappears completely into the case No additional carrier required; already mounted on the vehicle perfectly adapted to the KTM ADVENTURE family Developed together with the vehicle disassembly/assembly in seconds Mat..
Brand: KTM Model: 63512929500
A topcase that perfectly matches the KTM Adventure family; it was an integral part of the vehicle's development right from the outset. Materials: plastic and aluminum Lockable with vehicle key Can be mounted and removed in seconds The ergonomic handle disappears compl..
Brand: KTM Model: 60708920000
Recommended for offroad use in regions with high sand and dust levels:Premature sanding up of the air filter is preventedSimple fitting and cleaning..
Brand: KTM Model: 60112035000
Plug & Play mountingWiring harness ready for fittingFail-safe, dual-circuit immobiliserIntegrated microchip motion sensorStowage compartment under seat protected additionally with a reed switchTwo watertight, anti-scan radio transmitters with rolling codeAn additional mounting kit is required fo..
Brand: KTM Model: 58429074000
A must for every workshop/garage. Testing, charging and keeping batteries fresh made easy. Fully automatic and economical battery charging by means of programmed charge characteristic.Clear LC display shows charging level. Reverse polarity protection, short-circuit protection, overload protection.Ad..
Brand: KTM Model: 60312927044
This top case carrier is needed for mounting the Touratech top case..
Brand: KTM Model: 63512912044
Exceptionally robustOptimum load transfer via existing mounting points on the chassisEasy mounting without changing the passenger footpegsFITS ON :790 ADVENTURE..
Brand: KTM Model: 76011270100
Required to activate the cruise control systemFITS TO:790 ADVENTURE AND 890 DUKE..
Brand: KTM Model: 63507947000
Elegant designHigh-quality lookPerfect fitPlug & Play mountingSeat heating: adjustable in three stagesSeat heating: fast heat output and long service life thanks to the Kevlar heating elementThe seat heating function must be activated following mounting using the KTM diagnostics tool!FITS ON:790..
Brand: KTM Model: 63507940000
Elegant designHigh-quality lookPerfect fitPlug & Play mountingSuitable for long-distance travelSeat heating: adjustable in three stagesSeat heating: fast heat output and long service life thanks to the Kevlar heating elementCustom designed seat for an uncompromising lookThe function of the seat ..
Brand: KTM Model: 63508910044
For the off-road motorcycles lookReplaces the standard fenderFITS ON 790 ADVENTURE        19'-20'790 ADVENTURE R     19'-20'..
Brand: KTM Model: 61029055500
In combination with the rear wheel lifting gear, this front wheel lifting gear ensures optimum support for winter storage and for working.Please order the vehicle-specific support mandrel separately...
Brand: KTM Model: 60712933050
This article is recommended for the pillion rider if the side cases are mounted.With this kit, the grips can be raised and so the pillion rider can surround the grips easier...
Brand: KTM Model: 78901939444
Available in five different heights.The kit contains 2x handlebar support lower parts and 2x fastening bolts.The upper parts and bolts required for clamping the handlebar are taken from the original handlebar support.52 mm..
Brand: KTM Model: 60714994044
Effective headlight protectionVery stable, practically indestructible and should it break, the material does not splinterVirtually invisible, preserving the ADVENTURE's unique designMade from Makrolon, as used on the latest KTM factory rally bikes. FITS ON: 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S /R..
Brand: KTM Model: 60412993200
The iBracket is the perfect solution for attaching your smartphone quickly and securely to your vehicle, if you want to use it for navigation, for example.Intelligent 3D closure with one-handed operationCNC laser-cut and shaped stainless steel componentsTailor-made precision closure contourPlastic c..
Brand: KTM Model: 60412992044
Bracket for several GPS devices, adjustable inclination (light incidence). Suitable for all Garmin/TomTom GPS devices and the iBracket...
Brand: KTM Model: 63535040000EB
Easy to mountMade of robust materialOptimal protection against stone impactVisual highlightPerfect for changing the look of your motorcycleRace lookFIT ON:790 ADVENTURE       19'-20790 ADVENTURE R    19'-20'..
Brand: KTM Model: 61004037050
CNC milled from high-strength aluminumElegant anodized surfaceVisual highlight..
Brand: KTM Model: 63512923000
Body made from 1.5 mm thick aluminumPerfect surface protection due to black anodizing at the inide and outsideGlass fibre reinforced plastic parts are protecting the corners of the caseDesigned for extreme useCompletely waterproof and warp-resistantQuick mounting with just one lever at the outside o..
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