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Brand: Blowsion Model: 06-01-104
Product DescriptionThe Blowsion Bilge Pump Mount is designed to mount the Rule Bilge Pump (Sold Separately). The bracket mounts to the lower two bolts of the driveshaft bearing carrier. Includes rivets to mount bilge pump strainer to bracket. Anodized Black. Fits all Kawasaki SXR 1500 Mode..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 06-01-152
Product DescriptionSingle bilge pump mounting bracket for all 1994 and newer Yamaha Super Jet Models. The bracket locates the bilge pump within millimeters from the base of the Super Jet hull. Easy built in installation, no messy adhesives. All hardware included.NOTE: 1990-1993 Yamaha Superjets with..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 02-02-432
Replaces that easily broken OEM Yamaha intake duct with one that is nearly unbreakableUpdated and redesigned with an incredibly easy fitFor 144 mm pumps only..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 04-03-310
Eliminates breaking of expensive bilge switches and primer bulbsMount enables the switch/primer to sit flush, eliminating the risk of being knocked offIncludes a brushed aluminum black anodized bezel and all necessary mounting hardwareDash mount measures approximately 3.6" L x 1.5" W x 1.1" DBezel O..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 06-05-005
Product DescriptionGusseted and welded heavy duty aluminum construction with easily fold-able hinged design make transportation and storage simple and sanitary. Features 1.5 inch Blowsion sublimated webbing with all stainless hardware. Allows the rider to elevate the ski in shallow water protecting ..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 01-02-019
Solid and bulletproof, the filter element section is conical shaped (2-1/2" tall) with directional air flow pleats in the arrestor materialA clear velocity cone on the inside enhances and directs airflow into the carburetor for increased overall performanceFeature a unique design water-deflection co..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 06-01-066
Vacate Valves operate on the same principle as the Blowsion One Way valves, using the forward motion of the watercraft and gravity to allow ingested water to simply vacate the hull in one direction onlyDirect threaded replacements for the flimsy OEM plastic drain plugs, the Vacate Valve also simplif..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 04-04-301
Secure your stand-up's hood to avoid accidental dislodging during freestyle and freeride maneuvers. All stainless mounting hardware and instructions included. Adjustable to fit all models of stand-up PWC...
Brand: Blowsion Model: 01-01-761
Product DescriptionFlow Control Valve - 3/8" Adjustable Pro Model. This 3/8" valve has been designed to prevent water flow to the waterbox at idle and off idle engine speeds. This allows the craft to be more responsive off the line and around turns. Results are HUGE gains in throttle response. All s..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 02-02-405
Product DescriptionDesigned with the freestyler in mind, the freestyle pump cone allows the engine to rev faster for the big tricks. Its small size lets a large volume of water move through the pump with less restriction than with the stock tailcone. This gives you more low end thrust for bigger air..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 0632-0491
6mm Throttle Cable Adapter. A Throttle Cable Adapter is required to run most aftermarket throttle levers. Fits All Years Yamaha Two Stroke PWC Models. Please see list below for model compatibility...
Brand: Blowsion Model: 03-05-241
8mm Throttle Cable adapter necessary for Kawasaki models from 1996 and up. Fits all 1996 and Newer Kawasaki PWC Models. Please see list below for model compatibility...
Brand: Blowsion Model: 4807-0043
The design of the Blowsion pole limiting rope is to STOP your pole from extending approx 2-3" from total max extension. This prevents the forward motion of the pole and riders body from destroying expensive handlepoles, pole brackets, hulls and also expensive human body parts!..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 4809-0222
Designed with the freestyler in mind, the freestyle pump cone allows the engine to rev faster for the big tricks. Fits all years Yamaha Superjet...
Brand: Blowsion Model: 03-05-019
Blowsion Stainless Steel machined Steering Lock nut. Includes stainless binding screw. Prevents standard lock nut torque failure. Not something made in the land of won-tons or available at your local hardware store!..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 06-01-101
Dual bilge pump mounting bracket for Kawasaki Sxi Pro and KAWASAKI SXR 800. The bracket locates the pumps within millimeters from the base of the KAWI hull. Easy built in installation, no messy adhesives...
Brand: Blowsion Model: 03-05-201
FITS ON ALL JET SKI Machined with the stand-up rider comfort at a premium, our new Blowsion straight pull finger throttles are ergonomically designed for premium fit and feel whether you are on the waves or on the buoys. Available in all colors!0632-0488 LEVERS THROTTLE BLACK0632-0615 ..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 01-02-550
Inline Fuel Filter 1/4". Clear Plastic for High Volume, Low pressure Fuel Systems. Inline fuel filters filter out those harmful particles that can cause engine damage...
Brand: Blowsion Model: 1860-0835
WatercraftFACTORY PIPE ELBOW COUPLING HOSEFOR YAMAHA SUPERJET 96-20Allows connection to the OEM or factory pipe waterboxRequired when running SuperJet LTD chamber b-pipesSuper durability-tested Blowsion pipe elbow replaces the weak existing elbows on the market..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 01-02-449
Universal Fuel Pickup Filter. Add some of these for extra fuel filtration and also keeps the fuel in your lines when going upside down...
Brand: Blowsion Model: 02-01-250
Blowsion Composite Ride Plate - Kawasaki SXR "Midi" Mid Length. Fits all 2003-2011 Kawasaki SXR Models. Running Tubbies and want to run hull extensions or add less nose pressure? Trim and go. Light is right! Weight 2.5lbs US...
Brand: Blowsion Model: 01-07-021
SOLD BY 1 METER Finish the look of your engine compartment with Blowsion specialty colored 1/4" fuel hose. Available in Clear, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, or Black. Quantity is sold by the foot in continuous lengthsColor OptionsPN# 01-07-021 - Translucent BluePN# 01-07..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 2112-1090
Want to feel the bottom end of your Yamaha snap your neck back? The the Jettinetics charging flywheel is the way to go. Retains OEM charging capabilities but lightens the rotating mass for unreal bottom end response. There is no comparison. Released exclusively through Blowsion, the new Jetinetics l..
Brand: Blowsion Model: 01-02-544
Mikuni high and low-speed adjuster screws with "T" cross bar - extended length for easy adjustment. Absolutely a must when running aftermarket pipes...
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