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Brand: ADA RACING Model: 31-130390
3 degree angled reed spacer kit for the Kawasaki 800 and 750 engines. Includes billet aluminum spacers, gaskets, studs, and 1 additional pulse fitting. The studs that are included are for the stock intake manifold. If you are using an aftermarket intake, you may need to use longer studs if t..
Brand: ADA RACING Model: 30-4501
Billet aluminum bilge outlet fitting for use with a 3/4 inch hose...
Brand: ADA RACING Model: 31-459
Billet aluminum bow eye bushing for Kawasaki Jet Skis. Bushing has a 1" diameter and a 0.815" thru hole...
Brand: ADA RACING Model: 30-405590
8mm cable to 10mm throttle adaptor for Kawasaki Jet Skis when using and aftermarket throttle lever assembly.  These are machined in-house from brass.  Sold with the adaptor and locking nut...
Brand: ADA RACING Model: 30-405190
Billet brass throttle cable adaptor for Yamaha Super Jet, WaveBlaster, etc. Also fits 1995 and earlier Kawasaki standup Jet Skis. This adaptor converts a 6mm threaded cable end to 10mm...
Brand: ADA RACING Model: KA800DCS
New lightweight design for 2018!  Billet aluminum drive coupler set. Uses stock Kawasaki 750/800 rubber dampner.  Machined in hex on backside.  Clear anodized for protection against salt water corrosion...
Brand: ADA RACING Model: YA701L
Billet head shell for the Yamaha 701/760.  All ADA Racing billet heads are made from 6061-T6 aluminum and CNC machined in-house for consistency and performance. The head shell is then anodized for durability and protection against salt-water corrosion. This is the head shell only and in..
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Brand: ADA RACING Model: 34-6601
Billet hood hooks for the Yamaha Super Jet designed by freestyle guru Jeremy Parr. Instead of the hood sliding forward into the hooks, these face forward so the the hood comes back into them holding the hood from coming backward...
Brand: ADA RACING Model: KA800ST
Billet aluminum handlepole spring tensioner for the Kawasaki 800SXR and 1500SX-R. Includes billet black anodized bracket and stainless hardware...
Brand: ADA RACING Model: KA800
Includes head shell, domes, and orings. Head shell is clear anodized for protection against corrosion. This head is completely sealed by orings, no head gasket required. Dual water outlets for additional cooling.The stock head on a 2003 SXR800 measured 32.7cc with the head gasket(31cc head volume + ..
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Brand: ADA RACING Model: 30-5260
YAMAHA KAWASAKI STANUP JETSKIStandard 7/8" diameter handlebar with 0 degree bend. Fits SXR, Super Jet, and most other standup Jet Skis. Total width is 27".  Smooth bar ends, no knurls..
Brand: ADA RACING Model: 31-4501
Billet aluminum fuel cap socket for the Kawasaki Jet Skis. Works with the stock plastic or aftermarket billet gas caps. Includes attached chain. Replaces the plastic Kawasaki OE part# 59231-3716. Fits the 800SXR, 12F, 15F, 1200STX-R, 1100ZXi, and the 900STX. May also fit other Kawasaki models...
Brand: ADA RACING Model: 31-4520
Billet aluminum fuel pickup with brass hose fittings. Can be used on dual and triple carb setups with a supply line for each carb. This has up to 3 supply lines, 1 return, and 1 vent.Please note this does not include the fuel lines or the in-tank filters necessary. You will need to use fuel line for..
Brand: ADA RACING Model: 31-4510
Billet aluminum gas cap for Kawasaki Jet Skis. Fits the stock and our billet filler necks. Much lighter than other billet gas caps.  Includes viton sealing gasket and attached internal ring for safety chain.Also available with custom race number laser engraver at no extra charge!  Race num..
Brand: ADA RACING Model: yexbrkt-2l
This Stock exhaust mounting bracket is for the ADA non-girdled billet head. Includes mounting bolts and spacers. This bracket only works with the 3 bolt 701 style Stock exhaust. It does NOT work with the 4 bolt 760 exhaust...
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