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Brand: MSD Model: 4294
Replaces stock Kawasaki® and Yamaha™ coilsMolded-in super conductor wires30KV output voltageUsed with Enhancer Ignition for Yamaha® 650/701 and Kawasaki® 750 onlyAlso applicable with the Yamaha® Banshee (Quad)..
Brand: MSD Model: 42921
Depending on your application, you'll have two, three or four of these coils. The result is a high voltage spark that is capable of full output through high racing rpm...
Brand: MSD Model: 4390
Need a relay that can handle serious current? The MSD Heavy Duty Relay will support up to 65 amps which is perfect for high performance nitrous solenoids or fuel pumps. It is constructed to lock out moisture and can live in racing and underhood environments thanks to the stainless steel mount...
Brand: MSD Model: 3340
Product DescriptionNo More Moisture in Your Plug Ends!This is THE ANSWER for riders dealing with erratic spark caused by corrosion and exposure to saltwater. Bring back that performance and keep the corrosion from happening again. Every toolbox needs these items. We send these with all our..
Brand: MSD Model: 31009
Product DescriptionSpark plug wires have two main objectives; transfer the spark energy and suppress the Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) that the spark voltage creates. The MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor delivers the best of both worlds! MSD uses a special copper conductor keeping resistance under 50..
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