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UNLIMITED Lock Grips Ergo

[Product Name] Lock Grip Ergo
[Size] 130 x 30 mm
[Lock Ring] Black
[Attachment] Plastic End The

ergonomic structure is designed to fit in the palm of your hand for comfort while riding. Wide design that disperses local pressure on the Palm reduces the strain on the hands and arms.
Soft rubber on the grip and groove non-slip rubber on the outer circumference improve grip.
An ergonomic grip that has a fit that sticks to the palm of your hand and a soft grip.
The lock ring is made of aluminum and tightens the screws to prevent the grip from coming off the handlebar.
The lock part is made of aluminum to prevent the grip from coming off. No adhesive required!

[Precautions for installation] Apply grease to the lock ring tightening bolt to prevent sticking, and be careful of overtorque when tightening the bolt.

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