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Universal OVP Steering System BLACK

The all new Universal OVP "Over the Pivot" Sealed Bearing Steering System. This innovative one-piece steering system enables the rider to turn and control directly over the pivot point. Steering over the pivot vastly increases steering response, and enables the rider to have a much more precise feel with the handling of the ski. Fits all OEM Yamaha and Aftermarket Handlepoles (RRP/UMI/AC). PLEASE NOTE: The Universal OVP Steering System will only work with Fat Straight, Fat Riser or 4-Degree Fat Bars (sold separately). If you are installing on the OEM Yamaha Pole you will need to make extensive modifications to your OEM Chin pad mounting and location in order to clear the handlebars. The chin pad must be re-located further forward on the OEM Pole. You may want to consider the Standard Blowsion Steering System as it will clear the OEM Yamaha Chin Pad without any modifications.

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